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Every year, the educational institution “Francisk Skorina Gomel State University” (F. Skorina State University) is the initiator and organizer of more than 30 scientific, scientific and practical, scientific and methodological conferences, including 13 student conferences. All faculties of the university take an active part in these events.

Conducting scientific conferences is an opportunity for scientists from different organizations and countries to declare themselves, to present to the public the results of their research, to share research experience, to discuss new discoveries and prospects for further interaction.

The holding of republican and university student scientific conferences on the basis of the university plays an important role in increasing the number of young researchers. Such a conference as “Days of Students' Science” has already become permanent, according to the results of which the best reports are recommended for publication in the collections of scientific works of students and graduate students “Days of Student Science” and “Creativity of the Young.”

Such conferences as the Republican Scientific Conference of Students and Postgraduates “New Mathematical Methods and Computer Technologies in Design, Production and Research” are also annual; international scientific-practical conference of students and undergraduates "Actual problems of the theory and practice of modern economics"; Republican scientific conference of students, undergraduates and graduate students "Actual problems of physics and technology"; International Student Scientific and Practical Online Conference "Theory and Practice of Teaching Foreign Languages: Traditions and Development Prospects"; international scientific-practical conference of students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists "Actual issues of Earth sciences in the concept of sustainable development of Belarus and neighboring countries." According to the results of all conferences, collections of materials are published.

State University named after F. Skorina invites all interested to take an active part in the work of scientific events held on the basis of the university